California Screamin…

If ever there was a reason to switch from a gas powered vehicle to an electric car, all you have to do is look out the window… the drought and water reductions, record breaking heat waves, “spare the air’ days, regional air quality district warnings, parched landscapes, and wildfires up and down the state…it all intersects and interrelates in the great run-up to climate change. The years of unheeded environmental science and data, not to mention what’s under our nose, make me fear that we are on the precipice of disaster if we don’t change our behavior now! In my 40+ years of living in this state, the summer of 2015 is the worst ever. California is a mess!

This past weekend, Charge Across Town was in Fresno, with a distant firestorm, heat wave and ash raining down on our electric vehicle ride and drive event. Yet citizens came out to learn and see for themselves how they could drive cleaner, greener cars, clean up their air and provide a healthier future for their kids. They know they have the worst air quality in the country and they want solutions.

Up in Sacramento our great Governor (and mostly good legislators), is setting a global standard to take gasoline off the table and move this state and the economy towards renewable energy. The goals are ambitious no doubt but I truly believe this is what it takes – to set the bar high and hope we can achieve at least half of that.

Back in the Central Valley, some of the pollution is blown in from the bay area but most of it is homegrown. Mobile sources of pollution come from trucks, cars and motorcycles, and moving to electric vehicles can really help reduce carbon emissions by taking CO2 out of the air and improving the daily ozone, health and quality of life for all Valley residents.

How can a state with the most progressive environmental laws in the country – and a bellwether to the rest of the world – be the home to regions with the worst air quality in the nation? We need to fix this, and electric vehicle adoption has a huge role to play.