Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives

In Service To Great Ideas
Charge Across Town has created a non-profit arm called Charge Across Town Fund (CAT Fund). CAT Fund is fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives, a 501c3, who support and sponsor public-benefit projects.

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Felix Kramer, Founder, California Car Initiative

Felix Kramer is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong environmentalist focusing on innovative technology-related ideas, events and businesses. In 2012, he co-founded, sponsored by Plug In America, the Electric Auto Association, and CalCars, to increase demand for the new plug-in electric vehicles by connecting PEV drivers with consumers interested in learning more and test-driving PEVs.In 2002, he enlisted engineers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists and drivers to promote plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) by technology demonstrations, advocacy and buyer demand. In 2006, he became the world’s first non-technical consumer owner of a PHEV. He popularized the “100+MPG” meme and “cleaner/cheaper/domestic” to describe electricity’s benefits. He took delivery of the ninth Chevy Volt GM sold, and in 2011, his family became the world’s first household with both a Volt and a Nissan Leaf.

In late 2009, while noting much remained to be done, CalCars ”declared victory” on plug-ins. He says, “The past decade has been the most satisfying and productive work experience of my life.” Thomas Friedman, in his best-seller, Hot Flat and Crowded, said, ”Felix Kramer has made plug-in electric cars not only his passion but
an imminent American reality.”

With allies including Andy Grove, Kramer has promoted a technical, business and government coalition to spark a new industry to turn millions of large internal combustion engine vehicles now on the road into safe, practical, EVs and PHEVs via carmaker-sanctioned retrofits. He also advises plug-in vehicle and cleantech startups.

A graduate of Cornell University, Kramer lives with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Robert Hayden, Clean Air Program Manager

As San Francisco’s EV Program Manager, Mr. Hayden is the staff lead in charge of the city’s electric transportation initiatives. Working directly with the Mayor’s office and the City Administrator, he coordinates and directs the work of the interdepartmental task force implementing Mayor Newsom’s policy to make San Francisco and the Bay Area the nation’s top electric vehicle market. In this role he has also been a leader in establishing the Bay Area EV Corridor Project, and co-chairs the operating committees that guide the regional program.

His experience with electric and other advanced vehicle and energy technologies spans three decades in Washington, DC, and California. Mr. Hayden is a former executive director of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas (now named Electric Drive Transportation Association, or EDTA), the national industry association of automakers, electric utilities, battery and technology companies. In that capacity he participated in the development of industry consensus standards for EV charging through the EV Infrastructure Working Council, and managed a national program to assist cities in becoming EV-ready.

As a consultant he has assisted numerous advanced-technology organizations,

Including the National Hydrogen Association, California Fuel Cell Partnership, and Michelin Corporation’s international green vehicle competition, the Challenge Bibendium. Mr. Hayden has also served as executive director if the Renewable Energy Institute in Washington, DC, and was Secretary of Delegation for the United States Delegation to the first-ever UN Conference on Renewable Energy.

Peter Boyer, Co-Chair/National Solutions Council, Rocky Mountain Institute

Peter is an avid EV enthusiast and environmental philanthropy leader. He currently serves on the board of trustees at Rocky Mountain Institute, The Pacific Institute, and is a member of the National Advisory Board of The Union of Concerned Scientists. He is a trustee of The Ayrshire Foundation, a family foundation with a focus on energy, climate and opportunities for youth. His other work on environmental issues includes volunteer speaking engagements before civic groups and schools. He lives in San Francisco where he has worked as an artist for twenty-five years, exhibiting his work nationally and internationally.

John Kalb, Founder, EV Charging Pros

John Kalb has more than 30 years of managerial, operational, and technical experience developing business opportunities from emerging trends. EV Charging Pros helps commercial property owners, workplaces, and multifamily HOAs across the country develop EV-specific business models and organizational plans; perform equipment vendor assessment; and manage site selection, RFP’s, bids, awards, and installations.

Before launching EV Charging Pros, John served as VP of EV Market Development for Evolvelectric, a company focused on electrical innovation with an emphasis on putting customers on the path to sustainability. Evolvelectric has installed more than 200 EV charging station in Northern California.

John has also guided and directed “voice of the customer” research and served on executive advisory boards for some of the largest brands in the data storage industry. Earlier in his career, he worked as an investment banker, leading rounds of mezzanine and public financing. In the 1980s, as a pioneer in multimedia CD-ROM publishing, he launched several groundbreaking interactive projects while establishing consumer publishing operations for the earliest mass-selling multimedia software.

And as the driver of an all-electric BMW ActiveE, John has the EV grin.