Happy EarthDay 2015!

For many of us working in the environmental sector, the sense of progress on our core issues seems fleeting at times as we watch the slowly unfolding disaster called climate change. Lately however, I have felt a bit of optimism and hope that maybe we are beginning to turn the corner and that some movement towards climate action is coming from global businesses, government leaders, regulators and the general public. The recent agreement between China and the US to cut carbon emissions may lay the groundwork for progress in the climate talks in Paris later this year.

It is also exciting that here in the US, a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll states that a majority of registered voters favor a candidate who will take action to fight climate change — and 38% of all voters think that position is very or extremely important. It could be that 2016 will be an election year with climate as a core theme. At least let’s hope so!

I am always grateful that I live in San Francisco where we are fortunate to have a local government with a Department of Environment to remind us of our priorities for a clean City, a green transit system, great parks, bike lanes, eMobility options and a commitment to renewable energy. As we celebrate Earth Week and Earth Day around the country, we are reminded that we live in a bellwether City for sustainability, and we all have a responsibility to tune in and be the change we want to see.