Sharing Resources

As Charge Across Town installs three solar EV charging stations around the City of San Francisco, it is interesting to see the reaction and questions we are getting from the general public. For the most part, people are pretty amazed at the whole thing – this massive freestanding solar array powering a car – and look at it in awe that this actually exists. We had one family walking by our station near the Exploratorium, and the kid was explaining to the dad how it all worked… it was nice to know that it has a very high “cool factor” indeed. The solar and clean-tech folks want to dive deep into the solar panels, and discuss energy generation. They ask about the on-board storage capacity , and do the math on kilowatt-hours per vehicle . These guys are fun because they want to challenge the basic assumption that a car can get completely charged off the sun in a reasonable amount of time. When we explain the two-hour charging limit, and our goal to share the resource, they scratch their heads but they finally get it. Our goal isn’t to completely charge a car, but to give EV drivers a big enough slug of sunshine so they can get to their next destination. So far the responses have been overwhelmingly positive as we embark on our nine-month journey testing these throughout the City. Keep the comments rolling in on PlugShare or