Summertime News – Best.Ride.EVer! Launches August 8

National City, CA will be the launch venue for the opening of the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative (PEVC) campaign, – Best.Ride.EVer! – on Saturday August 8 at the National City Automobile Heritage Day Festival Charge Across Town identified National City as an excellent venue for Best.Ride.EVER! due to the City’s commitment to electric transportation, and its strong support from the Chamber of Commerce and Mile of Cars dealerships in National City. Best.Ride.EVER! is a FREE electric vehicle ride and drive series taking place throughout the state over the next six months. The goal is to get as many people to test drive all types and models of plug-in and all electric vehicles at these events. Data shows that when people test drive electric vehicles they are more likely to consider purchasing them. Charge Across Town will be surveying the test drivers and determining pre and post attitudes towards EVs, as well as following up with a select group to see if they purchased or leased an electric vehicle. The Best.Ride.Ever! campaign is a great effort to help move the state towards its carbon reduction goals and bring clean transportation to communities impacted by poor air quality.