Summertime News…

Charge Across Town is busy bringing electric vehicle test-drive events to consumers across the state, courtesy of the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative (PEVC), as well as planning for our 5th Annual EV Week in the fall. We have a lot going on and I want to share some of the #bestrideEVer event statistics and details of what’s on tap.

Last month, on a hot and dusty day, Charge Across Town brought the #bestrideEVer campaign to the Sonoma-Marin Fair up in Petaluma and talked with fair goers about their current driving habits and what it would take to get them to go EV? While our survey data showed that most people had a positive view of electric cars, the majority had never been in one or driven one. For the folks that took a test-drive, 75% were more likely to consider an EV when shopping for their next vehicle. It was interesting to talk with people who were farmers, long distance commuters, and large families, and hear their perspectives, needs and challenges in finding a cleaner and greener personal vehicle. EV vehicle cost and range are still critical factors.

This month we will be at the California State Fair in Sacramento test-driving EVs right in the fairgrounds, and will be partnered with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to bring more EVs to River City. SMUD is offering an additional $300 rebate (in addition to the state and federal incentives) to customers who purchase of lease a plug-in hybrid or all battery EV this year. The $300 rebate will cover the cost of electricity for plugging in for a year.

In late August #bestrideEVer heads to San Diego County and will be at Harborfest in Chula Vista with an impressive line-up of test-drive vehicles. Our partner, San Diego Gas and Electric, is working on installing 3500 EV charging stations across their service area – in businesses, apartments and condos. The City of Chula Vista and the Unified Port of San Diego are hosting #bestrideEVer at this annual family event, as part of their effort to move towards cleaner transportation.

We also have an exciting fall lineup with participation in National Drive Electric Week in September in Bakersfield.

And in October, Charge Across Town celebrates its 5th year as an educational organization and advocate for electric vehicle adoption – with EV Week 2016, in San Francisco – where it all started!