The EV World Just Shifted (from LinkedIn, April 5 Post)

If you followed the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 (or Model E) last week, you know that Elon Musk has taken orders for over 300,000 vehicles, with more orders on the way. (Yes, my name is on that list!) With the launch of this latest electric car, Tesla has just (pre) sold more electric cars than GM, Toyota, BMW, Ford, VW, and Nissan have sold in the past five years! This is huge – not just for Tesla – but for Detroit, the regulators and legislators, and gas guzzlers across the country, because it sends a market signal that EVs are here to stay. Drivers want safe, low-cost, quality, electric cars. Why? Because they are fun, reliable, high performance zero-emissions vehicles with tons of benefits! Like HOV lane access, up to $10,000 in rebates and cash incentives, low utility rate plans, low maintenance costs, and oh yeah – NO GAS, EVER!

As EV consumer experts, Charge Across Town has been talking with consumers across the state. About 15% of the folks we survey actually bought an EV. So what are the hurdles? Well, selection and price are huge. Families want to be able to transport kids, go farther than 75 miles on a charge, and not pay an arm and a leg to ‘go electric’. They get the environmental benefits and want clean air and healthy neighborhoods for their kids. The cars are coming…The Model 3 will be followed by more exciting news from other OEMs, but for now Tesla has raised the bar and changed the game. Tesla now has to re-burnish its image from ‘EVs for VIPS’ to EVS for Everyone! And isn’t that where Elon was going the whole time?