Why Local Matters!

Charge Across Town has been working at the local and regional level to get people out of fossil fuel cars and into cleaner greener modes of personal transportation. Ultimately our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles and help combat climate change here in the bay area and California.

Having spent a good chunk of my time as a delegate to Washington DC advocating for climate change legislation, it seems highly unlikely that our current Congress is going to act anytime soon. While it is important what happens in Washington DC, I think the real change happens at the local and regional level. Just look at electric cars.

Here in the bay area, we have embraced EV adoption just like we embraced the Prius back in early 2000. The bay area remains the launch market for most of the new cars and EV technology coming from Yokohama, Detroit and Munich, not to mention our own backyard of Silicon Valley. Leadership, innovation, and commitment to a healthy environment drive us forward and we are the EV Capital. We are seeing local government planning cities and communities around this shift to electric transportation.

Charge Across Town is launching a local project – Driving on Sunshine – to showcase our commitment to EVs and renewable energy. We will be installing mobile, solar electric vehicle charging stations in the City of San Francisco, and making them FREE to EV drivers. What we do here matters as we lead the state and the nation into the future of clean, renewable electric transportation.