NOW MORE THAN EVER the need for clean air is critical to the health and wellbeing of our kids, families, communities, California, and the planet.  

2020 has been a rolling catastrophic climate crisis of a year – a ‘climate damn emergency’! 

From the spread of a global pandemic that has heavily impacted low income and disadvantaged communities, to drought, wildfires, power outages, the hottest year on record, the worst air quality on the planet, and a record number of Category 5 hurricanes, there will be more climate catastrophes coming our way. 

For a brief moment this year we actually saw clean air and blue skies across the world as people stayed home – off the roads, out of cars, giving the earth and the air a chance to recover from the relentless burning of fossil fuels from our cars, trucks and transportation systems. Human-caused climate change is real, it is here and we have a very short window to stop it. 

Charge Across Town’s #CleanAirBlueSkies campaign – inspired by the voices of our youth – addresses the urgent need to do the right thing: stop burning fossil fuels, help save the planet and DRIVE ELECTRIC. Emissions from cars and light-duty vehicles contribute 60% of transportation emissions polluting our sky and choking our air. Please join us in taking the EV Pledge to make your next car clean, electric and emissions free!  

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Why drive electric? Here are the top 5 benefits:

• Get money for a purchase or lease with incentives and rebates

• Save on fuel and maintenance costs

• Drive solo in the carpool lane 

• More fun with higher performance!

• Clean Air and Blue Skies! Reduce pollution and greenhouse gases

TOP FIVE reasons to drive electric – see more here


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Stay up to date on our work helping move consumers off fossil fuel to healtheier, cleaner, greener, lower cost transportation.