Driving On Sunshine

Welcome to Free Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging in San Francisco

Charge Across Town’s Driving on Sunshine campaign launched in San Francisco in April 2015 and is funded by a grant from the 11th Hour Project, a program from the Schmidt Family Foundation. In collaboration with the San Francisco Department of the Environment, Driving on Sunshine showcased Envision Solar’s EV ARCs ™ in highly visible locations in San Francisco neighborhoods to demonstrate that driving on renewable electricity is emissions-free, and here today. FREE EV Charging from the sun was available to any EV driver for up to 2 hours of charging, so that many EV drivers were able share the resource. Driving on Sunshine offered an exciting new experience for motorists as they get around town fueled with power from the sun!

Envision Solar’s EV ARCs ™

The unique EV ARC™ (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) is the world’s first fully autonomous, mobile, renewable electric vehicle charging station. Designed and fabricated in the US by Envision Solar, it sits comfortably inside a standard parking space (9’x18′) and is ADA compliant. The 2.3kW Solar Array generates approximately 16kWhrs per day, which are stored, ready for use in the 22kWhr battery storage. Clean solar electrical generation is enhanced by Envision’s patented tracking solution – EnvisionTrak™ that causes the solar array to follow the sun as it moves across the sky.

An EV ARC™ will offer 4-6 EV charging sessions each day as drivers will park at the stations while shopping, having a meal, running errands or taking a meeting. The electricity provided to the EVs is 100% renewable, clean and solar powered making the EVs that charge from EV ARC™ 100% emissions free.Mounted on an attractive, ballasted pad, the EV ARC™ does not require any foundations, trenching, electrical upgrades or even a building permit. It is 100% self-contained and is delivered to the site ready to use on its undercarriage. Deployment time is about 5 minutes and the host will not experience any increase in utility bills caused by kWh charges or demand charges resulting from use of the chargers.


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