Equity Programs 

Charge Across Town’s mission is to increase equitable access to clean personal transportation, to help reduce air pollution and meet federal, state and municipal climate goals for greenhouse gas reductions. Our Equity Programs across California support electric vehicle adoption through Ride and Drive events, educational videos and testimonials.  

Leading the Charge: EV Equity in the Central Valley

This 10-minute documentary showcases the successful collaboration between Charge Across Town and Valley Clean Air Now (ValleyCAN) in bringing electric vehicle ride and drives to California’s Central Valley with funding by Electrify America.

Educational Video Series

In collaboration with Valley Clean Air Now, these short videos introduce electric vehicles (EVs) to the diverse community of California’s Central Valley. They showcase some popular used EVs on the market, describe their features, how they work, and answer some of the top questions. 

Hear from EV drivers

Explore our series of videos featuring real-life testimonials from EV drivers of all ages and backgrounds. Discover how they have adopted electric vehicle driving and why they enjoy their EVs. Learn from their experiences and insights to see how switching to an electric vehicle could benefit you. For Spanish-language testimonials, click here.

Educating Traditional Gas Car Drivers

Through Ride and Drive programs, we educate and demonstrate the benefits of electric vehicles.

Hands-On Experience

Drivers have the opportunity to test out the car, ask questions one-on-one, and get all the information they need at once, seeing their options based on their situation.

Support and Funding

Electrify America has provided substantial funding and support to make these programs possible and accessible.

Partners and Sponsors

The impactful initiatives we lead would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors. Their collaboration and commitment help us drive towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to partners like Valley Clean Air Now Electrify America, and our dedicated team at Charge Across Town for making these achievements possible.

Valley Clean Air Now (ValleyCAN) is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to reducing air emissions in California’s San Joaquin Valley. By offering incentive-based programs, ValleyCAN aims to improve public health and quality of life in disadvantaged communities. Programs include smog repairs, vehicle replacement, and EV workforce training. To learn more, visit ValleyCAN.org.

Electrify America is committed to promoting Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by providing transformative, customer-centric infrastructure and energy management solutions. With a mission to achieve a net zero carbon footprint, the network is supported by 100% renewable energy. Electrify America invests heavily in community and educational programs to advance equitable electrification across the U.S. To learn more, visit Electrify America​.

Charge Across Town is a non-profit dedicated to promoting electric transportation and reducing carbon emissions through educational events and initiatives. We work with various partners to increase EV awareness and accessibility. To learn more or to partner with us, visit Charge Across Town.

By the Numbers

3,000+ Zero-Emission Vehicles

of EVs in the Central Valley.

4,000+ Test Drives

conducted this year alone.

Over 60% Adoption Rate

of EVs in the Central Valley.

90% satisfaction

attendees had a positive impression of EVs after participating in our events.

Get Involved!

We work in partnership with the EV and charging industry, clean energy providers, environmental and regulatory groups, and the communities most impacted by air pollution, by providing education, outreach and experiential events, that reduce barriers to adoption of electric transportation.  

If your organization is interested in partnering with us, or if you’re interested in volunteering for one of our upcoming events, please contact us.

Our work is financed by local and state grants and programs, corporate sponsorships, and donations from individuals and philanthropic organizations.

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