EV Week 2014

Connecting People to Electric Transportation

San Francisco · Mill Valley · Palo Alto

EV Week eMobility was all about electric transportation – electric vehicles, charging, electric transit, and personal modes of electric transportation – and the mobile applications used to get from point A to point B, tapping into urban mobility solutions. 

The campaign aimed to transform the way people think about urban mobility. Expos and forums held at prime locations – downtown San Francisco, a high visibility consumer spot in Marin, and the heart of Silicon Valley – provided participants with opportunities to experience the incredible range of electric options available, from electric bikes and motorcycles to commuter and luxury EVs and see electric public transit in a new light. Demonstrations of the latest mobile apps used to get from point A to point B educated participants on how to find the most efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly ways to take trips through carsharing, ride sharing, and combining modes of transit. 

Through surveys of participants, EV Week sponsors received the metrics they need to increase the impact their programs have on the adoption of electric modes of transport. Our social media campaign with games leading up to EV Week events, provided education and outreach to engage the community so they incorporate electric modes of transportation into their daily lives, while our public relations campaign highlighting local government and business initiatives had everyone thinking about going electric so they never have to go to a gas station again.


  • Expanded focus to eMobility including eBikes, scooters and boards.
  • Newly released BMW i3 was displayed and generated high interest.
  • Expanded locations to include Mill Valley and Palo Alto. Mill Valley Film festival coincided with EV Week and brought in waves of people interested in electric cars.
  • Hosted a panel discussion and networking event at Parisoma attended by technology executives, government officials, and transportation leaders.
  • Conducted over 725 ride and drives and eMobility rides.
  • Over 600 surveys were completed.
  • Social media efforts resulted in over 50,000 impressions.

In the Media

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