EV Week 2017

Change the Future!

EV Week 2017 was about consumer empowerment — choosing to drive a car that helps the environment, and controlling how you get there! With almost 40 different electric cars on the commercial market in California, new technologies in electric bikes and e-boards, and infrastructure here today, a transportation revolution is happening in our state. EV Week 2017 was about making a difference, let’s Change the Future! The venue was Pier 27, in the state-of-the-art James R. Herman Cruise Terminal, with a closed-loop outdoor test-drive course. VELOZ’ Best.Drive.EVer! Team was surveying participants on attitudes about transportation and electric vehicles. Once again, the event was held during Fleet Week weekend, which meant huge crowds were in the area of the Embarcadero.

EV Week 2017 Event

We were pleased to partner with Bloomberg New Energy Finance to host a special panel discussion and reception –”Let’s Change the Future: The Global Electric Car Market is here!” – on October 5, 2017. 


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