EV Week 2019

Go Electric Now! 

The goal of EV Week 2019 was to introduce and educate people about electric cars and clean transportation. It was held over the busy Fleet Week weekend in San Francisco, where a million people come into the City for the festivities on the Embarcadero waterfront. EV Week consisted of a VIP Reception and panel discussion on Friday, October 11, along with a full-day electric transportation ride and drive and showcase on Saturday, October 12, in San Francisco. The theme was Go Electric Now!

VIP Reception and Panel Discussion

  • 56 Attendees
  • Launched CAT’s first EV Week Leadership Award
    • Honored California Assemblymember Phil Ting
    • and Senator Nancy Skinner for their leadership in EV Adoption
  • Sponsored by Veloz, Cruise, and Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC).


  • Ride-and-Drives: 600
    • 399 VeriScan
    • 254 Drivers
    • 145 Passengers
  • EVs for R&D: 10 vehicles total – BMWi3 (2), BMW 530i (2), Honda Clarity PHEV, Jaguar iPace (2), KIA Niro, Toyota Mirai, Tesla Model 3
  • Static EVs: 5 vehicles total – BMW 745e, Cruise Chevy Bolt AV, Honda Clarity FCEV, Kia Soul, and Toyota Prius Prime
  • 120+ escooter and board rides
  • 25+ ebike rides
  • Surveys: Pre (337), Post (215)
  • 100,000 People Walked By

eMobility Showcase

  • Boosted Boards – 120+ rides
  • New Wheel – 25+ eBike rides
  • SF Bike Coalition held bike safety workshop and resources
  • FREE bike helmet giveaway from Skip Scooters

Showcase Exhibitors

  • SF Environment
  • EV Charger Expert
  • Envision Solar
  • Cruise
  • Center for Sustainable Energy
  • PG&E Taco Truck


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