Partners and Resources


Charge Across Town relies on a robust partnership program, spanning the electric vehicle industry and e-mobility companies, local municipalities, community-based organizations, non-profit partners, and business leaders to help bring EV awareness and solutions to our communities. We thank our numerous partners who make this work possible.

If you are a business or an organization looking to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you at

Grants and Rebates

Are you interested in the financial benefits of purchasing or leasing new or used electric vehicles (EVs)? Whether you recently attended a Charge Across Town event or are simply exploring your options, this section is designed to guide you through the various federal, state, and local grant initiatives that make EV ownership more accessible and affordable. 

As we transition towards sustainable transportation solutions, electric vehicles offer a cleaner, more affordable, and reliable alternative to traditional gas-powered cars. With a range of grants and incentives available, there’s never been a better time to transition to electric.

About Charging

Thinking about buying or leasing an electric vehicle, but concerned about access to a charger? At Charge Across Town, we are dedicated to helping you easily navigate the world of EV charging and find the right resources to assist you in locating nearby charging networks. Whether exploring a new city or driving cross country, we ensure you have the tools for a seamless charging experience. 

Below are some valuable  resources, alongside a dynamic map from our friends at PlugShare to support your charging needs:

  • Plugshare – One of the most comprehensive, free-to-use EV charging station locators available, with crowdsourced data and optional additional paid features
  • Google Maps – Searching on the Google Maps App “Electric Vehicle Station” or similar keywords directs you to the nearest charging station
  • AFDC EV Charging Locations – Interactive filterable map from DOE showing all listed US charging stations, with links to downloadable Android and iOS apps
  • Chargeway – Downloadable app to plan road trips and show real-time availability, with an easy-to-use color-based charger identifying system for your EV

Learn More About EVs

Despite the numerous benefits of electric vehicles, several myths and misconceptions still surround electric vehicles. Our goal is to address these and provide you with accurate information that helps you make informed decisions about EV ownership. Let’s address some common  myths and set the record straight:


Stay up to date on our work helping move consumers off fossil fuel to healtheier, cleaner, greener, lower cost transportation.